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Rudy Project introduce 2015 new leisure brand sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-03
In 2015, Rudy Project introduce leisure brand sunglasses, whether you are going to ride out to wear, or just want to change to personal image, Rudy Project leisure products have leading comprehensive sports optical glasses, including 2015 new Warp series Broomstyk series and Sensor series. Besides, there are you like sports fashion - — Sensor series, the series is specially designed for men, provide 6 kinds of color, as shown in figure shows a black frame and grey lens, sells for 149. 99 dollars ( About 940 yuan) Polarized version 174. 99 dollars ( About 1100 yuan) 。 Smaller and more classic Warp series is prepared in order to tide male of female, from gentleman black frames to beautiful orange orange lenses, both art and pure and fresh and original wild and can be found in the Wrap series, but this series is suitable for small face, price same as 149. 99 dollars ( About 940 yuan) 。 Rudy Project Brommstyk series satisfy the women in the heart of the love of beauty, the forest green or red light pink, this design inspiration comes from the ocean world, from fish and coral, green spots, don't worry about it at the same time, various types of women are suitable for wear, sells for 149. 99 dollars ( About 940 yuan) 。
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