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Running man take you parse fashionable sunglasses variety van

by:Eugenia     2020-08-05
I do not know from when to begin to 'reality' show gradually occupy the major television prime time, every weekend night, millions of viewers are accustomed to at home waiting for their favorite programs online. Relative to the first two years of talk show, a pick a reality TV show seems to go beyond, let many audiences overwhelmed them. And past high above the screen image, 'reality show' the stars in the program more life breath, easy to let the audience have tenderness. Stars all the trappings of everyday wear or articles for daily use, also leading the consumption trend to a certain extent, among them, the high attention of running male, stars wear different styles of sunglasses also once caused consumers fanatical pursuit of the same product. Below small make up take you see analysis run male fashion sunglasses variety of fan. Stir force captain deng chao: we are family! As the captain of the moonbeam, deng chao and lively make force of personality is popular with the audience, his left foot in English and the number of short circuit calculation ability has brought happiness for the audience. Deng chao wear glasses in the show also received attention, not only the classic pilot, and fashionable sunglasses, such as the box regardless of which sunglasses collocation can let deng chao momentum increases a lot. Deng chao in same sunglasses ability 15: the ability of 15 as the Chinese version of the run ability of male love shoes, 15's ability to be reckoned with, of course, is still a 'big black cattle. In celebrating international programs, to 15 incarnation bigger in the program to 'baby milk' ease, all members of the guest is desperately hard, only to drink yogurt. But a few struggles are difficult to drink milk, finally is wearing sunglasses carried 15 suddenly burst strength, easy to drink the milk, netizens, is wearing a 'mirror'? Fans are explained Li Chenyou trachoma, outdoor filming so often need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, there are also careful netizens find 15 often wearing a blue sunglasses, I can see you morning brother really likes the sunglasses! 15 favorite sunglasses recommend running a particular god goddess Angelababy: Boomp ShakalakaBaby almost toppled the image of the goddess in the show, she quarreled with Lin staged war let raised a lot of the audience, the original 'stunned by now can only use' 'jing for female man' to describe. But the goddess is the goddess, on modelling collocation can both pure and fresh and sweet can mature sexy, from baby to wear these sunglasses can see in the show, can also be a female goddess nerve. Gucci GG1107 / F/S unisex sunglass king 'hiding' + 'king rule' sing a song: let I tore a on the show, although the size of the sing a song and ability is not the best, but he has a very agile mind, and understand with static brake, to win at a crucial moment. On the overall modelling, sing a song of collocation and funny expressions, but also of netizens. Such as the first installment in the third quarter, he wore a blue wave clothes, wearing a blue sunglasses scampering appearance, is small public election of both visual sense. Sing a song to wear blue sunglasses one, have been at the airport and travel to wear this, lets sing a song of also do not break vogue again. Sunglasses factory YC9703 sunglasses black/C3 dazzle colour blue boy Chen He: are you a pig Chen He has been in a humorous and witty smart style wild brush set in the program, the breakdown of the audience's heart. Although during the show was a 'zi-xuan zhang' gossip, but this does not affect the audience like him keep usual base base style, even wearing black he also can not cover up his base of. Ryan: cheetah poof ( Do you know) We didn't think of in the film circle red Zheng Kai competitive category will go to a reality show, and it is precisely this show will Ryan complete show all the audience. Outside the show, he also teamed up with Harper's bazaar designed sunglasses, to help children in poverty-stricken areas to achieve art dream of a public welfare activities. When he himself acknowledged sunglasses indispensable collocation ornaments.
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