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Running man wore round glasses - — It is'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-19
As a fan of RunningMan, small make up to loudly tell you simple, the running man is my goddess! Believe like runningman children know how much the wisdom of 'meng' meng, how of? As zhejiang satellite TV's 'run brothers' of popular, more and more people know runningman, know the running man, know the meng wisdom. Small make up take you to see today, wuli intelligence filial piety is how of, how is she so MOE! , of course, important reason, of course, is filial piety itself very lovable personality is very cute, after all, the internal cause is important! Personality is very difficult to change, so small make up to say today is the external cause. Besides meng intellectual own reason, what other things to help her show lovely image, so lovely. Yes, you guessed it, is a pair of sprouting round glasses! Picture is truth, you now believe, is so of, in combination with a cartoon or wool hat, can sprout to turn over. Did you see the goddess has more than 30, of course, is my female child prodigy facial skin is good, but the round glasses is indeed a reduction of age artifacts, refuses to accept no. So, want to become more tender lovable children's shoes, go! Round glasses, you're worth it!
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