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Said 'exotic' and tell you what's a wonderful work of glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
'Science says' was forged by iQIYI speak a talent show, in the form of debate. Just like its name, 'said the exotic' player, mentor, and even the host xu, is the image of 'big science'. The wonderful work they spoke with their original ideas and talents, the hearts of a lot of the audience, and small make up also very like these to talk to people. They dress up is also conforms to the 'exotic', even glasses such as small accessories, also not inferior. Wei-wei ma can be said to be the goddess of glasses in the crowd said, almost every game will go with a different glass frame, intellectual, and sometimes humorous. In this game, she passed a lovely love black skirt, head and red hair band, let her look very has the vigor, youth and that a pair of big glasses and let her age a lot. Our 'baby' is also a fan of glasses, although simple and honest innocent she under the guidance of the players slowly evolved into a 'lotus', but look still is the representative figure of cute. Yan, such as crystal usually choose eyeglass frames are relatively basic design, the framework will not so big, and it's right and the entire face. Like 'call for love in the center of the universe' Ming Chen, consistent with mature man's appearance show in front of an audience, such as business type edge glass frame is very suitable for him. The glass frame is generally titanium material, lighter, not pressure nasal, is the better choice for business man. Glass frame recommendation: seiko HC1004C19 grind arenaceous black men commercial pure titanium half box myopia glasses ray ban men's and women's high-end sheet RB5296D2000 black glasses
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