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Saito work to remove frame mirror lenses on the charm

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
Before stage the sixth session of Beijing international film festival in Beijing yanqi international conference and exhibition center, red carpet filmmaker all appeared at home and abroad. Set up a Japanese film week link of the film festival special saito work as one of the release of the tiger 'star, also went on a red carpet and participate in the festival in Beijing held a' meeting '. A performance of contemporary Japan in 2014 married women cheat social phenomenon of they day yan, due to its controversial topic widely attention, as the hit television series, who plays the heroine cheat saito workers gas is also rising, saito work after the show has won the 'suddenly become very attractive' actor, 'if let you choose a person as a 2014 year of handsome men who would you choose? 'And other kinds of Japanese magazine media campaign, from TV drama to movie, action. Last month by him as one of the movies without accompaniment is hit in Japan. This popular, through all kinds of deep interviews and media after eight, saito workers 'uprightness boy' is becoming more and more be known. Once said in an interview that he brings to his infinite sentiment is 'day yan' this series image character, everybody's support is not himself, but Mr Kitano's image in the play. Even bluntly said, 'I think I shouldn't be too narcissistic, they just like the role. 'Sunglasses factory S178C3 gun light grey myopia glasses man half box commercial pure titanium eyeglass frame like Daniel Radcliffe, who want to get rid of the harry potter image of make him famous, saito workers also hoped it would create more through different role, let the audience see the possibility of more. So he took his 'day yan' framework of male mirror, turned around and become a tiger in the movie look resolute, have ability of flame the ninja. Remove frame glasses, in addition to their his range widened, successful transformation. For work to win saito bausch launched in Japan and Taiwan area of high-end day behind contact lenses Biotrue endorsements, under the star effect, attracted many consumers to buy the product, Bioture of high quality and therefore got the Japanese market. Different image requires different accessories and props to dress up, the frame glasses 'kitano Sir' kind of inarticulate science guy image shows very typical in place; Contact lenses the ninja tiger shadow patience, fortitude, ones and charm also show incisively and vividly! To remove the frame mirror saito work seems more press close to, and in reality handsome aggressive, spirit's unstoppable!
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