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Salvatore Ferragamo man glasses series of 2014 autumn winters

by:Eugenia     2020-08-28
Takeaway: issued by the Salvatore Ferragamo 2014/15 autumn and winter the man shows SF771S SF2716 optical glasses and sunglasses models, series has three different colors: hawksbill red, tortoiseshell, hawksbill blue. Resolute square design with concise line with an outline of the bright, thick plate frame more highlight modern urban style. New Salvatore Ferragamo SF771S SF2716 optical glasses and sunglasses models, released on 2014/15 autumn and winter men fashion show, to carry out the design of the brand essence, delicate and elegant, show the modern glamour. Frames made of sheet, before the frame is tonal the hawksbill gradient to red or blue, brand logo also delicate ornament on its leg. Series has three different colors: red hawksbill, tortoiseshell, hawksbill blue. Salvatore Ferragamo2014 qiu dong man glasses series
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