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SAN bao sunglasses how should maintain?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-08
SAN bao sunglasses both frame and lenses are using high quality materials, so in order to make the sunglasses for longer service life, it need we take more care. SAN bao sunglasses maintenance methods and common sunglasses are the same, small make up then introduce everyone to protect the sunglasses and its maintenance methods. SAN bao bao SAN sunglasses lenses, PROSUN) Polarized lenses with special polarization effect, can reduce point-blank, refraction or reflection, can resist strong ultraviolet ray, for the scenery ahead and rolling on the ground, feel clear, clear and soft, video resolution force increase greatly. And specially designed for americans face, accord with human body engineering, wearing comfort, appearance is more beautiful. Lens surface through special processing, is not easy to scratch, when wiping is not easy to generate static electricity, prevent oil, not easy to stick dust, etc. Protect st part in metal frame sunglasses picture frame, protect st ( PROSUN) No nickel plating technology was used to precious metals palladium, platinum, as electroplating of the bottom, and after there is no nickel plating on the metal, more electricity with a layer of transparent film on the surface. Absolutely not cause allergy or harm to human body, and not easy to fade, brightness. In its leg on the process design of SAN bao is also unique, some dynamic series and children's mirror series products adopt the secondary injection technology, the technology is directed in the same mirror legs together after injection, there are two kinds of material points and secondary injection plastic. Presents two kinds of texture at the same time, also can increase the product functionality and additional value. Sunglasses factory YC9712 men sunglasses C1 gun maintenance/green sunglasses big secret and pored over pick when application hands took glasses legs parallel came up to take on both sides along the cheek. Wear also want to use both hands to avoid unilateral stress distorts the picture frame for a long time. The mainstream manufacturers frame was designed from the left leg begins to fold. Please keep the mirror when placed upward, away from the high temperature environment. Please use the special lens cloth to clean the lens. Pay attention to hold the bridge of the nose horizontal plane, action should not be too big, so as not to damage the frame. Fall when the lens dust dust or other impurity, please rinse with water and then wipe. Dry clean easy to scratch the lens. If the lens on the adhesion of cosmetics or other solvent containing chemical stains, please clean with clear water in order to avoid corrosion of the lens and coating as soon as possible.
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