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San Diego, California may ban polystyrene plastic products--Maoming Acrylic Lens Factory

by:Eugenia     2022-01-08
Foreign media reported in San Diego, USA on October 19 that on October 15, the City Council of San Diego, California passed a 5:3 ban on foam plastic products, especially restricting the use of polystyrene plastic products in the San Diego area. But there will be a second round of voting.   The proposal plans to prohibit the use of products including Styrofoam lunch boxes, cups, egg cartons and other products. Violators will be fined 200-500 U.S. dollars based on the number of violations within 12 months. Opponents of the proposal believe that environmental protection actions should follow their own wishes, and the mandatory ban on the use of polystyrene plastic products will cause a great increase in business costs, and will not have a major impact on chain enterprises, but for small businesses. Said it will cause a certain impact.  Regarding the issue that the ban may put pressure on small businesses, the San Diego City Council has decided to provide a 12-month exemption period for small businesses with an annual income of less than US$500,000.   Many cities in San Diego have approved bans on polystyrene plastic products. If the San Diego City Council finally passes the ban, San Diego will become the largest city in California that bans the use of polystyrene plastic products. Maoming Acrylic Lens Factory
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