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Sarah Jessica parker sunglasses play the streets of New York

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Sarah Jessica parker born in the year 1965 in spite of the petite, but concave and convex have send, and her confident smile and stylish acuity, deeply attracted a large number of fans, chasing and its advanced wear capability, whether a 'old' coat or luxuriant dress she can ride very carefully. Really has gone have civilian route, play with high-end fashion. Sarah Jessica parker always appears in the right dress in different occasions, the sunglasses is one of the collocation of its essential item. Sarah Jessica parker dress collocation is always with practical, comfortable and fashionable as a starting point, sunglasses, jeans is given priority to, private space often give priority to with black and white ash three color dress, with lovely children and will give priority to with brilliant colorful dress. Sarah Jessica parker was known as the streets of New York fashion icon, and she said 'all popular whirlwind blow from me in the past'.
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