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Say goodbye to the pie face a recruit fix with sunglasses on!

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Qing in the face of time, everyone to face little beauty, but face big? Face but difficult part of the thin! Many people often because face big to let others think actually very fat, in other words, even if you are thin and destroyed all the big face! What a pain comprehension, this time, you should meet it - — Sunglasses! Say goodbye to big face, a move is done. Out of thin air reasons things out the unconvincing, demonstration of that let's take a look at the stars. 罗茜·汉丁顿- Whiteley all this big backless jumpsuit is clearly rob mirror will show her good figure, oversized sunglasses to match her in a romantic waves lining fashionable young fashionable breath, dark brown lens and skin perfect echo, more important is sunglasses with shawls long hair, big box under the interaction of both, small face is no longer a dream! Ray-ban RB3541 sunglasses 001/13 gold/tea tablets Dita Von Teese can't ignore his presence at any time, vase modelling dirndl is her beautiful dress up, put her nice hour-glass shape a perfect foil out, red color increased the degree of attention. Her face belongs to some party, so the face for girls actually not dominant, but the big frame sunglasses harmonious proportion of the face, even if is 'light', is also not afraid to show face long. Anta AT8002C1 large black frame sunglasses hipster fashion real female polarized sunglasses you don't forget, choosing sunglasses also is to have cultured, suits own is good! Let small make up teach you a recruit, how to choose to suit oneself face shape of sunglasses. ( Related articles: good sunglasses and face collocation is the concave shape artifact) The collocation of square face and dark glasses principle features: wide wide forehead, chin, A very cool face) 。 Principle: complementary principle, the face is the party with a soft line to soften edges. Type: line downy picture frame, such as round, oval, can soften your facial lines, weakening the face edges and corners, add facial soft touch. Error: avoid corner square glasses so much, can appear otherwise you face too many lines.
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