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School is about to start, how to buy the right glasses for you? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-13
The lively summer vacation is coming to an end, and school is about to start. Entering a new semester, everyone will prepare stationery in advance before the beginning of each semester. With the increase in myopia, it is also a good idea to prepare glasses for the new semester before the beginning of school. It’s an important item. For the student group with high eye requirements, how should we buy glasses, how can we buy glasses that are right for us, so that it can help us see more clearly and protect our eyesight? Let’s learn together! First, the most important thing to buy the right glasses is to choose the right glasses shop. There are still ten days before the school starts. You can make a good choice. Refer to various information to choose a local optical shop with a larger scale and more technical content. The shop that buys glasses must have a dedicated optometrist and optician. You can go on-site before buying. Investigate to see whether the professional optician glasses facilities in the optical shop are complete and whether they have been recognized by the relevant departments. Of course, the more important thing is the recognition of past consumers. Second, you need to know how to choose a frame. When you start to match glasses after choosing the right eyewear shop, you will have to choose a frame. A good pair of frames is not only comfortable to carry, but also related to our health. Some frame materials will cause For skin allergies, students can choose according to their actual situation. In addition to the material, they also need to pay attention to the interpupillary distance that matches the frame, which is suitable for their own frame. Third, choose the lens that suits you. Choosing the lens is an important part. According to the lens material, the optical glass lens has high transmittance and clear imaging, which is very suitable for young students. After the lens is selected, it is necessary to perform optometry. During optometry, the subject should be comfortable and without vertigo. It is more appropriate to measure the visual acuity to reach 1.2 after wearing it. The above three aspects are the more important factors in choosing a good pair of glasses. In order to protect our eyes, students must pay attention when wearing glasses.
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