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Science of choose and buy sunglasses to avoid the glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
It is a hot weather, many fashionable young people go out of the time like to wear sunglasses, cool feeling. But cool to moderately, inferior sunglasses not only protect your eyes will get out of the eye! And in the dark place must remove sunglasses. Let's go and see how to scientifically choose and buy sunglasses! Sunglasses factory YC9712 men sunglasses C1 gun/green it is very hot, the sun is basked in, when many fashionable young people go out with sunglasses. But beware: should try to wear sunglasses in the outdoor, but not all are suitable. In the absence of sun shades or indoor, can take the sunglasses off, let your eyes rest in natural light offline for a while. Science of choose and buy sunglasses to protect his eyes sunglasses factory ms YC9707 sunglasses C8 hawksbill/dazzle colour yellow one, when buying sunglasses, it is important to note that the product of the lens, tag, color and UV index. Every formal qualified products through the quality inspection certificate, should let business to produce relevant certificates when buy. This should not be ignored. In addition, consumers should keep a label or instructions, or make the commitment on the sign of merchants to products on the invoice, in the event of dispute, it won't be for lack of evidence and passive. Sunglasses factory ms YC9703 sunglasses C3 black/dazzle colour blue, when the choice to pay attention to the lens surface is smooth, no ripples, no defects, no bubble, no grinding crack. Lenses to flat, from horizontal direction observation lens without warp. Uneven or signs of unfavorable choose and buy, bubble lenses. Simple identification method for, put sunglasses at present, the observations of distant places through the lens, such as window frame or door frame, then glasses from top to bottom and move around, goals should not have swings and wavy deformation. Three, for uv protection, it is better to buy light grey, green, blue gray real shade the lens of sunglasses, because these relatively subdued color, looking at nature does not change color. For sunglasses, UV ultraviolet index is filtering effect is an important standard. At present, most of the sunglasses UV index at 96% - 98%, dark lenses must be better than the light color lenses. Four, if required shading effect is very strong, you should select the darker lens. But by bike or lenses, drivers can't choose the color is too deep to avoid cannot effectively identify different colors of traffic lights. Fifth, choose sunglasses according to individual face. People want to choose a big picture frame sunglasses with big eyes, small eyes some choice some frames sunglasses, round face fat people wear bulky frame sunglasses, slender face for circular frame sunglasses, circular face up and down the appropriate chooses narrow rectangular frame sunglasses.
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