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See 'equator' bosses how to spin glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-09-06
The equator is a media Asia film 2015 action movie, directed by leung lok man, sunny luk joint, Jacky cheung, nicky, wang xueqi, chang Chen, shawn yue, cui ancestor, ji jin hee, Janice man, wen-juan feng, etc. The film tells the story of China and South Korea, police woth resolve the nuclear crisis. Bosses in the film but also use glasses to depict characters of magic. Whiskers, tortoiseshell round glasses shapes elegant uncommunicative ZhaoZhiRen professor Hong Kong inside of the main characters, that is true, the equator have emerged in the inside as professor in Hong Kong, the film has been on a pair of tortoiseshell round glasses, round frames his foils elegant formality, knowledgeable, thin metal leg design and appear wise, mysterious, very accord with this crisis expert of professor of physics at the university of Hong Kong identity, this role is adept, the sublime singer Jacky cheung handle. Similar models: sunglasses factory 703 titanium plate Y01 deep hawksbill myopia round glasses box tide square frame shape idea to rigorous character cloud thickens officer of another protagonist Emily li, is the threat matrix, a senior police officer is grim, li Sir Often with a pair of square glasses, cloud thickens and his character, mind the image of the rigorous match very much. In policing alone for many years, always not his superior, so in this case special biting to fill career frustrated heart defects, led his men with red stolen, wit and give his life to defend after Hong Kong and Asia. Similar paragraph: sunglasses factory FB5015C1 leisure square frame glasses, the two typical different characters in the play of the image and temperament, so on the characterization and the external appearance is also very different, two pairs of different styles of frames is given two characters make the finishing point. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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