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See how agents glasses disguise identity

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Since the pretender 'started since the ratings high, suspense drama and the high level of appearance of the actors are very popular. In addition, fashion so uniform heat, glasses and other thermal wave tide. Its influence is to be reckoned with! The plot, the agents often need to disguise identity, but every disguise necessary glasses this weapon! Don't believe we count! Cheng Jinyun CPC underground party members. She wore a wool hat, wear a pair of round eyes frame sunglasses, glasses color and hat color is consistent, shows a capable smart qualities! Ming military spy, codenamed 'scorpion', good at camouflage. He is wearing a stocking cap, eye wears a pair of glasses, his wise and smart show very good Cheng Jinyun is a nurse, in a suit is dressed up, with metal thin glasses and reveal her gentleness and considerate. Cap to go up the casing round sunglasses, so handsome. Cool? Such was the love of the agents to play glasses! Cheng Jinyun specifically for Ming pick glasses round glasses seems to be the love of the play, not only to restore ancient ways is joker, want to deduce what personality all smooth sailing. Tortoiseshell glasses Cheng Jinyun deduction is intellectual, lady, don't lack of wisdom. 'The pretender' is by the shandong film and television media group, dongyang midday sun film co. , LTD. , joint production of a suspense spy drama, directed by Naomi, their arrival, JinDong, Liu Mintao, starring c. s. Wang regime established in the play in the Anti-Japanese War period as the background, from the Angle of on haiming's three siblings, tells the story of the beach on the private front during the Anti-Japanese War, a total of, day three sides sometimes-complex mix-and-match and bloody, I have you. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn recommended glasses: bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1605C01 black box gold legs tide sheet with full frame picture frame bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1602 unisex eyeglass frame C11 blue box silver legs
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