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See 'mirror', such as: guess who these glasses belong to together

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Everyone has his own logo, and glasses is a visible thing. Such as the famous director, very like to wear sunglasses, see the director of sunglasses, let a person can't help but think of him; A global phenomenon of the 'harry potter' after the broadcast, I believe you see a round glasses of harry potter! See 'mirror', such as people, then let's together to guess who these glasses belong to ~ jobs believes everyone not unfamiliar, his classic round eyeglasses is one of his characteristics. The matrix is gifted with photographic memory classic role morpheus, the savior of the NEO mentor. This pair of glasses is wonderful work visible enough, this is a pince-nez without its leg. Elvis Aaron Presley, one of the most popular musician in the 20th century, known as 'the king of rock 'n' roll', leading the trend of The Times. When he was singing and the work piece of glasses became one of his characteristics. The above information from the sunglasses factory small make up finishing editing, knowledge more glasses to sunglasses factory, please view glasses net. Website: https://www. yichao。 Cn /
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