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See run 80 points how to use the sunglasses make s mirror type

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
'Run, brothers, in the third quarter just ended, recall that run men bring us joy, what gives you deep impression? I run a period of deep impression is also wearing dark glasses wearing vintage costume pk little fresh meat, that seems to be in the second quarter, students with excellent grades captain deng chao, big black cow 15, the rule Wang Wang face is blue, the cheetah Ryan, genius Chen He, bald bear, all 80 s vintage clothing, each a pair of dark glasses good national handsome, but also collective into uncle, and angelababy led flower beauty update, Ye Zu Lin of the new, never know, lay, a great big pk Jiang Jinfu. Words almost as if the wind restoring ancient ways is very popular, the shares of the 80 s young and nostalgia is also very let a person miss, from running man to my girlhood, 'do not leave since youth', 'charlotte pains, etc. , of the breath left in the 80 s ABC relationship is very good, and that let people nostalgic heart can't be calm once in a long time. But don't know if you have found that these people deduce are a common feature in the 80 s - — Glasses! It seems every or every dress up in a movie with glasses to highlight the characteristics of the 80 s, the running man is no exception, every man according to his own identity and face, chose the suitable sunglasses, perfect show 'charm' of the 80 s, hurry to take a look at! Sing a song in the 80 s interpretation of the famous singer, he a stylish suit with a pair of classic frog mirror, add in the 80 s classic slicked back hair style restoring ancient ways, rock fan! Packages bear in printed shirt, holding a hat and a tape measure, like a tailor, wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses immediately have a little bit of boss fan! 15 the sea businessmen wear is very delicate, from dark glasses to scarf to clothing reflects a rich state. Light color printed shirt and dark jeans living wind in the 80 s, a pair of round sunglasses to foil the barbershop funny smart boss. A cowboy costumes reveal the youth breath, a frog mirror reflect the life attitude of self-confidence tsundere, deng chao claim outstanding students finally interpreta dream! You see this costume youth Zhang Yangfan reflect incisively and vividly! Box head hold out a bosom posture sunglasses covered face, give a person a kind of world overweening ambition!
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