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See 'running man' sunglasses 'gods'

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
Run the male in saipan all black covered face 'run brothers is zhejiang TV introduction of South Korea's SBS television variety show' Running Man 'launch large outdoor sports reality TV show, SBS co-produced by zhejiang satellite TV and South Korea, program in early dominated by south Korean team China to cooperate, but soon to zhejiang satellite TV program center YuHangYing overall is responsible for the team. Run - head each time the appearance is black surface, with cool 'run brothers' include: 'run your brothers in the first quarter,' run! Brothers 'in the second quarter. 'Run your brother in the first quarter, seven members of the fixed is deng chao, sing a song, wang baoqiang, 15, Chen He, Ryan and Angelababy, general each have different guests to join us. In the first quarter in August 28, 2014 formally boot, on October 10th zhejiang satellite TV on Friday evening when. Female man also don't forget to use dazzle colour sunglasses cool 'run your brother in the second quarter,' on the evening of April 17, in 2015 as a formal, deng chao, Angelababy ( Angelababy) , Ryan, 15, sing a song, Chen He continue to participate in the second quarter recording, wang baoqiang because to participate in the 'real man', is a member of the new cover and sing a song called 'twin brother' actor package bell. 'Magic phone' superman Lu Xiaoqian feeling, is there a 'pig' qiao square sunglasses covered with big box small eye saipan tiffany tang's running male, large frame sunglasses sunshade Angelababy and black cattle black surface to see the modelling of Ada! Facts have proven that summer sunglasses still won't do drop ~ pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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