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by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
Whether it's fashion week in Paris, or in a large T stage show, always little not the collocation of glasses. Small glasses, but has always been the darling of the fashion world, there is no substitute for can shake it impregnable position. Recommended reading: in Jawel Mao's era, to find the voice of the young Havana brown with tortoiseshell tonal become focus, accompanied by other colors such as blue, pink, green, and so on. Using qualitative material combination, acetate and metal to create unique, lightweight and contracted work. Design used high grade leather and wood adornment more details. Mainly to claw set method, on its leg, the bridge of the nose and nasal top were set with 771 white diamonds, including 2 long stepped cutting the top white diamond ( Clarity from VVS1 - IF level) And 769 top white diamonds are round brilliant cut, the entire frame of diamonds weighing 4. 25 carats. Pure wood, natural go vulture act the role ofing to see spoil the metallic color or color of beautiful people is one of the bright eyes, like the noise of a quiet and comfortable. Nature reveal and personal aura natural present, reveal special temperament. Through urban graffiti creation, as to play a game of graffiti art in the urban jungle of guerrilla warfare. Princess princess princess umbrellas, underwear, perfume bottles, — Disney princess has always been the darling of the fashion Japan. Now, Disney fans can really see the world from the view of fairy tales. This time, they are full of the flavor of girl lovely glasses.
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