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Seize the tail of the summer, choose fashion sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
Summer quietly left little secret ~ in September the weather have a little cold, but ultraviolet light and no sound, so is still rampant. Besides fashionable tide has not yet subsided, we want to catch the tail of the summer, choose fashion sunglass leads the autumn wind ~ so what's the most fashionable sunglasses? 1, pilot ray-ban sunglasses RB3523 men sunglasses 112/2 y/golden brown/paragraphs dazzle colour powder piece classic pilot sunglasses integral feeling is very low-key. But it's necessary for our common bright eye glasses. The pilot to become a classic, delicate, fashion and never out of date as it itself characteristics have a great relationship. No matter how you look at the sunglasses, it can make your temperament show incisively and vividly, so that in all kinds of new design elements of the classical model of sunglasses can be your choice! 2, cat's eye, anta AT8006 fashion big black box Europe and the United States to restore ancient ways ms polarized sunglasses it is an enduring sheet is tasted, cat's eye sunglasses always reminds people of which the most classic fashion modelling, especially its elegant shape and highlight cheekbones sexy effect, it deserves to be the representative of the classic fashion. Now, whether flowers or animal printing, cat's eye has much more choices on the details, so also don't have to worry about it will be out of fashion. This simple cat's eye sunglasses makes you look sexy and elegant simplicity. 3, oversized sunglasses factory 6069 unisex sunglass C4 blue box gun leg/dazzle colour blue oversized sunglasses can make you tired appearance fully covered, but also your big face, blocking success 'little face fei'. Another such glasses whether in work or leisure dress dress collocation, are very tide. Super models of sunglasses have been back and forth in several season on the show. Dior, Iceberg and Peter Som are affected by the trend, from the unique picture frame to the square picture frame, picture frame and so on, or even irregular geometries their models with the oversized sunglasses demonstration again. When you are dressed in a classic dress up, might as well put on a pair of oversized sunglasses, let oneself become the new trend of the pioneer. Recommended reading: how do stars with big frame glasses show perfect small face 4, creative novelty dwarf glasses can let us in the crowd, let glamorous as soon as you play. 5, candy colors, if you are tired of black and tortoise shell color, congratulations to you, then you can try the bright color and bold candy color picture frame. Transparent pink and yellow are hot sunglasses for star item for this year. New season of fashion sunglasses, will bring the color of the full of vitality and self-confidence, the collocation of innovative unique picture frame design, the modelling of these sunglasses can let you become fashion and outstanding. Recommended reading: gd, Lu Han led demonstration color transparent sunglasses
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