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Selected sunglasses all parsing

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
Sunglasses fashion are the necessary sheet is tasted, it not only can modify our face, but also to add to your overall modelling. In the fashion world has so a famous saying, said, 'sunglasses is the only can give a person a celebrity face in an instant'. But faced with wide variety of sunglasses on the market, what should we choose? Today small make up to sort out this article selected sunglasses all parsing, introduced from the aspects of sunglasses styles, color, quality, etc, for your reference, hope to help you choose sunglasses. A, how to choose sunglasses sunglasses factory YC9705 general sunglasses C7 white/color purple, 1) Lens quality: buy a notice before the lens surface to be smooth, no scratch, try to see visual effect how, if found oscillation, the situation of the linear distortion or explain the lens has been deformation, quality is bad, not easy to buy. So, it is recommended that when buying sunglasses, choose glass lens material or resin lens material sunglasses products. ( 2) Whether can block ultraviolet light: general authentic sunglasses will have a label, general has ANTI - on the label UV words, are all authentic sunglasses products. However, when the choice, had better choose ANTI - 100% UV on sunglasses, rays more obvious. ( 3) The shape of the frame: because sunglasses fashion sheet is tasted, so when the choose and buy best choose bigger picture frame, as well as the mirror legs slightly wide sunglasses, so I can reflect light around the block. ( 4) The color of the lens: when choosing sunglasses, had better choose lens is deep, because the lens shallow, often may be inferior products, light transmittance is bad, will cause the phenomenon of blurred vision. Recommended reading: sunglasses lens color how exquisite ( 5) UV protection: according to the food and medical health inspection bureau ( F·D·A) Standard, the lens while guarantee the light transmittance, if can filter out more than 90% of the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, the lens should be posted 'UV - 100 protct10n 'label, when the lens can filter out UV 100%, should be posted' UV - 400 protct10n 'label. Jane writing 'UV - 100 'and' UV - 400 '. When the choose and buy sunglasses, must pay attention to check the lens UV label. Ms sunglasses factory YC9720 sunglasses C05 transparent powder/dazzle colour powder ( 6) Polarizer: there are labeled polarizer or polariscope. As we all know, usually the sunlight is scattering towards all directions, directional reflection when exposure to the object again. Especially the projection on the road, on the surface of the water and snow, often have a strong sense of dazzling dazzling light, make visual fatigue extremely easily, can't last. Has greatly inconvenience outdoor activities, serious when still can interfere with our visual judgment, dangerous. ( 7) Sunglasses styles: as long as you to try a few more glasses store, can quickly find your favorite money try to, than I play bull type recommended the hills here is much more straightforward. After all is only a definition of 'beauty' is never, accessories and sunglasses is a strong personal characteristics. If you are online options, you can follow the principle of sunglasses models and complementary face, square face both choose round box, the round box. In addition to the need to know how to choose sunglasses, you will also need to know the true role of sunglasses. The effect of 2, sunglasses 1. In fact, many people are buying sunglasses don't simply for the sake of concave shape. 'Sunglasses', just as its name implies is to keep out the uncomfortable sunshine, to relieve his eyes to adjust the damage caused by fatigue or strong light stimulation. Ultraviolet ray, after all, never turn over RiLiPai, spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, daily life, eyes inevitably directly or indirectly exposed to sunlight, it is not easy to avoid the hurt by uv. Uv eye lens damage is cumulative and not to eliminate, long lens absorbs uv form cannot eliminate dregs, easy to cause the disease such as cataracts, macular degeneration, the permanent eye damage. 2. Therefore, sunglass is not the patent of the summer. As long as the light bright and to let you feel strongly eye ache of burning sun, you need to wear sunglasses to avoid damage. Especially for a long time in the outdoor work, or live in plateau relatively strong area such as ultraviolet radiation, more need to get into the habit of wearing sunglasses to hide the sun. 3. In addition, there are countless reasons to show that you should have at least one pair of dark glasses, such as: ( 1) Too lazy to draw a makeup when I have to go again: from many paparazzi photographed celebrity we can learn this recruit - How without makeup jovian still keep confidence and aura. ( 2) Tie-in dress: whether the wind or a wild route, faye wong and Lady Gaga, no sunglasses always feel less what. ( 3) Professional requirements: especially need long time driving a car, a pair of sunglasses from you can effectively alleviate eye fatigue, avoid danger. Sunglasses can change a person's aura, which believe that a lot of people are the least! At ordinary times when normal photographic passers-by couldn't be stranger, but when wear sunglasses, promote several times more than pretend bility immediately! So if you want to improve their taste, choose sunglasses! ! ! !
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