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Send cool sunglasses as single goddess xu singles day

by:Eugenia     2020-08-29
The annual double tenth of a large number of bachelors were in addition to busy in each big website shopping, mixed also belong to a rush to take off a single heart. As goddess of the single bound, xu in weibo upload on this special day, dressed in monkeys hoodie starts and cool street snap, showing its two sides, and used a 'serious' golden words of message single girl with lovely expression. Single goddess xu singles day send sunglasses cool according to 13 points at 9 o 'clock this morning, xu released in weibo: 'today is a person's carnival, joy is relative, unless there is a love, love is nothing, unless there is you, you are lonely, unless there is a me. — — For all the single girls '. Netizens have a message for the single goddess: 'brilliant swagger are leakage, whether single or not to live into you like that! ', 'have you not lonely, there is love there is joy, is full of energy! 'Single goddess xu singles day send sunglasses cool photos, xu recently making new catch what you don't know ( also , in which he portrays a very special charm, mom, the play had finished were hot, is actively, there are a number of TV shows its appeal; By xu drama starring 'the dream of a dream' will also be a Christmas party at the end of the year gong begun again. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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