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Send her receive sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Send her receive sunglasses? PARIM sent li meng, English name, the brand was founded in 1992, since its inception, has focused on development in the field of glasses. Sent her sunglasses 'intellectualism' as the core, advocate the romantic sense, advocating the creative way of life, the element such as the fusion of fashion, delicate, comfortable, quality selection of lens and the frame material, in view of the Oriental facial features, meet the degree of comfort and fashion glasses to wear. Recommended for everybody today small make up a send ms li meng sunglasses: design highlights: 1. Classic fashion arc big box design, at the same time of increase wearing comfort, more highlights individual temperament; 2. Using PC lens, super light super durable, can effectively prevent lens rupture during strenuous exercise, both practical and function; 3. The design of the color gradient projection fashion, the design of its leg set auger links more let a person shine at the moment.
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