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Send li meng California style sunglasses: 2018 unusually hot sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-18
Fashion is a famous and popular: sunglasses is the only thing that can instantly give a person a star face. Sometimes, however, dark sunglasses and bright eyes a trade-off between them. A lot of people love is terrible, it once became a street snap the highest frequency of sunglasses. It can give a person a kind of atmosphere of the 'star' feeling, don't cover your charming eyes. It is sent li California style sunglasses, 2018 unusually hot a sunglasses. Such as liyan tong airport according to send li meng in California, is 2018 star love fashion sheet is tasted. Can be seen from the lens, her smiling eyes, fashion and beauty. Sent li meng lenses, unlike many of the pilot sunglasses it is popular in the 1980 s the double beam slanting pear sunglasses as the prototype, the improved conventional elliptical slices, adding line edges and corners. So what face, wear up will be very nice. Has recently been very fire 90 floret xiaotong guan, after a lot of people say her eyes are very beautiful, so street snap when wearing a mask of type than wearing dark glasses good-looking. But it sent li meng California style, have already modified a little baby fat face, light color lenses can reveal her beautiful eyes again, to say the wave with brokers and stylist is very attentively. Jiang thin film also change before the dignified plain and neat but that gives a person has a serious image. She first had black hair with brown last year, this year will wear the sunglasses to increase vitality. Up to 80 after the goddess Athena chu, down to the 'ode to joy' floret Qiao Xin, different age, different temperament, face California unexpectedly can perfect hold. Moreover, each fashionistas also sent li meng harvest in California. Fashion bloggers Zhao Jiayi, tian ying also said super water mark, in a social platform drying out of the beautiful street photos. Talent show 'little red book' coke 'deer ear and amway had this sunglasses, and changed his face for the photos of the glasses. Joker and discrimination, and make the sunglasses her 'good heart'. Fashion buyers might have heard of pie li meng's name. The founding in 1992, the glasses brand with their own fashion and comfort, have already become a star shows concave shape on the royal, most people go out to numerous tide also like to wear sunglasses. The brand has been give a person the sense of real confidence, different styles of glasses represent a character, have their own fashion attitude. Most importantly, first-class brand design and quality, the price is civilians, hoarding a few kinds of color concave shape without love. Recently, the south Korean designers, German designers have joined li meng. Make each item into the new senses, let a person more looking forward to the next item it more exciting. Recommended reading: send real not affordable prices of sunglasses 2018, with the most lightsome sunglasses, don't hide your eyes, to love, hard to embrace the good in life.
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