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Send li meng used 'intellectualism' lead glasses fashion trend

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Sent her brand was founded in 1992, since its inception, the 'intellectual beauty' as the core, advocating romantic and intellectual, advocating the creative way of life. Twenty years, send li always follow romantic European style, fusion of fashion, delicate, comfortable and so on elements, in view of the Oriental facial features, continuously improve the wearing comfort, with elegant temperament and connotation of intellectual, leading the fashion trend. The sunglasses by classical fashion arc big box design, at the same time of increase wearing comfort, can highlight personal temperament. Lenses, USES the PC lens, on the basis of the following products consistent comfort, pay more attention to practical and functional. The use of wine red, exaggeration and bold, the design of the color gradient projection fashion, 'intellectualism' more able to reveal women's special charm. Send her sunglasses always give a person a kind of gentle, amorous feelings of romance and comfortable, let the lady wear can feel and experience the fashion life new taste. From li brand in the flowing charm fully covered, now always with fashion high share, is taken for granted!
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