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Shenyang daughter first parent-child outfit is very love his family

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Recently, the shenyang three recording shows, seven year old lovely daughter yangyang exposure for the first time. Shenyang daughter yangyang photos then circulated on the Internet, because of his daughter and her pay long too similar, netizens a buzz, and quipped: 'looked at her, Yangyang) Photos, grow too like, to be sure this time is real. '' not bad money', since 2009, shenyang has three Spring Festival gala on continuously, and in 2014, shenyang is transferred to the life the first time, the front also to accompany beside her daughter with a little more time. In the life the first time, daughter with his inheritance of his parents' good eloquence, is especially good at expression. Below for the shenyang three parent-child outfit recording the scene. Three parent-child outfit, small shenyang sunglasses face cool strength son, his wife without makeup look a bit tired, seven-year-old daughter pose, lens flu, star fan properly. Couple give up at the end of a lot of work and ShangYan, accompany the daughter to life for the first time. Shenyang the whole sunglasses covered face with his wife, two people to accompany daughter, daughter with genetic parents good eloquence.
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