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Shenzhen Acrylic Lens Cutting---Wind King is coming + transportation is prohibited, bosses, please hurry up and ship in advance!

by:Eugenia     2022-01-03
The formation of a new typhoon may affect our country in a week! The weather this year is really going against the sky. It seems that foreign traders will not be tossed enough, and they will not give up! According to the latest news from the Central Meteorological Observatory, this year’s No. 26 typhoon 'Yutu' is coming. Don’t underestimate this rabbit. According to experts’ estimates, typhoon 'Yutu' will eventually become a super typhoon of level 17 or higher. The target of 'Yutu' may be the coast of my country's East China Sea, or affect Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port, but it does not rule out the possibility of turning in the coastal waters of my country and turning to Japan. The only good news is that due to the long distance the typhoon generates, the walking speed is slow. Therefore, it is expected that my country will not be affected until about October 28th in a week, and there will be a certain buffer period. If possible, please take advantage of the foreign trade partners in the scrap industry to ship as soon as possible this week to avoid landing in case of a typhoon. East China has caused delays in shipping schedules and port closures. At present, the 'Jade Rabbit' is moving to the northwest at a speed of 10-15 kilometers per hour, gradually approaching the east of Taiwan, and its intensity is gradually increasing. As an autumn typhoon, the maximum intensity of Typhoon Yutu may exceed expectations, and it is not impossible to become the new 'wind king' in 2018. Notice! ! ! In the coming week, please be sure to pay close attention to Yutu's latest path. Before, there were frequent Southeast Asian policies, and then there was a typhoon. Coupled with the superimposed influence of multiple factors such as my country's prohibition on the import of foreign waste, this year's recycling industry is in a 'difficult situationFrom November 2nd, Shanghai banned the operation of hazardous chemical transportation vehicles! The first China International Import Expo will kick off in less than a month. In order to maintain public safety, the Shanghai Municipal Government issued the 'Notice on Strengthening the Safety Management of Guns, Ammunition, Explosions, Highly Toxic, Radioactive and Other Dangerous Items during the First China International Import ExpoAccording to the requirements and deployment of Shanghai municipal governments at all levels, during the CIIE, road hazardous chemical transportation vehicles are prohibited from operating from November 2 to November 12. Friends who are involved in the hazardous chemical business must pay attention. In order to keep your business unaffected, please make adequate order plans, arrange production, and deliver goods in advance! ▼The announcement is as follows: Shenzhen Acrylic Lens Cutting
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