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Shenzhen Acrylic Lens Factory --- All customs ports speed up as a whole to reduce the burden on imported waste plastic enterprises

by:Eugenia     2022-01-03
According to a report from an importer of recycled pellets in Xiamen: Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, and Xiamen will all implement customs clearance facilitation, and the overall 'speed up'!   Import and export container cargo inspections (except for solid waste) that have no problems with customs inspections will be exempted from inspection fees. Entry inspection and quarantine fee! Only the inspection and quarantine fee can reduce the burden of importing waste plastics enterprises by more than 150 million yuan!    Seeing this news, people in the industry have applauded! 'This is really a good thing.'... ....    It is understood that the speeding up of customs clearance has already been implemented at customs ports such as Xiamen, Qingdao, and Shanghai. A senior person from a customs broker in Qingdao introduced to [New Observation of Waste Plastics] that up to now, customs ports across the country are doing better and better in terms of customs clearance timeliness and reduction and exemption policies. Generally speaking, early declaration is a good thing for companies. . At present, how do customs ports implement the 'spirit' of the document on 'speeding up' and 'burden reduction' of customs clearance? With this question, the editor contacted customs brokers and freight forwarders such as Xiamen, Shanghai, and Qingdao, and learned the following latest information: 1. Burden reduction: the bill is exempted only if there is no problem. According to an insider from a customs broker in Qingdao, the Qingdao Customs Port inspects imported and exported container goods (except solid waste) that have no problems with the customs inspection. The inspection fee is borne by the government; the regenerated particles are suspected to be As long as the test result is not solid waste, the inspection fee is also paid by the government; however, it is only the inspection fee in the inspection area and does not include the container fee.   For goods with 'problemsThe current charge standard in Qingdao is approximately: 1,300 yuan for large cabinets and 760 yuan for small cabinets. The previous inspection fee was about 2,000-4,000 yuan for large cabinets and 1,000 yuan for small cabinets. Although the price will still be fine-tuned due to customs policies and other factors, overall, even for 'problematic' goods, the inspection fee has a downward trend. Which goods are 'problematic'?   According to the person familiar with the matter, the weight is incorrect, the product name is incorrect, the specification model is incorrect, and the ingredient content and other information cannot be ordered, the goods are consistent, etc., once it is checked by the customs, there is no If the goods are directly released and deducted, an inspection fee must be paid.  2. Speed-up: Exports must also be declared in advance!   According to an informed source of a Qingdao customs broker, the latest 'speed-up' notice at Qingdao Customs Port is as follows:   General credit (b) and above enterprises, exports must be declared in advance. All export companies are required to declare and declare in advance in accordance with the requirement of 'declaring 72-hour arrivalAll customs brokers sort out the advanced certification and general certification enterprises that are their own export agents, and do a good job in preparing for export declaration in advance. Qingdao Customs will severely deal with non-working hours swiping card to declare over-long customs declarations, handling of Qingdao customs declarations by customs brokers in foreign customs areas, and fraudulent customs in the name of fake enterprises.  In addition, the notice repeatedly emphasized:   Customs declarations that have been in the port for more than ten days must be reported to the customs in advance, including declarations for all situations such as internal branch lines, manifest changes, and inspections. The paperless and tax-free customs declaration form should be printed with paper and then filed; the paperless and tax-free customs declaration form can be printed without paper and filed before the tax is paid; the customs business such as the paper declaration form must be handled by yourself, and local customs declaration enterprises are strictly prohibited. .   The State Council’s “Government Work Report” clearly stated that the overall customs clearance time in 2018 will be reduced by one third. Since the beginning of this year, Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao and other customs ports have actively responded to the policy call of the State Council and carefully organized and implemented measures to enhance the facilitation of cross-border trade. The time has been greatly shortened, and the effect of 'speeding up' customs clearance has been remarkable.  For waste plastic import and export enterprises, this policy is really good! Shenzhen Acrylic Lens Factory
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