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Should daily disposable contact lenses be washed before wearing? _Contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-26
Contact lenses are actually soaked in normal saline, which can ensure a long-term effect and can also ensure its moisturizing effect. All the contact lenses in our store are brand new and sealed for storage, so the contact lenses we get will not have any problems and can be used directly after unpacking. However, many people are now willing to buy daily disposable contact lenses. If we want to buy daily disposable contact lenses, should we continue to clean them? Can be worn directly If it is a brand new daily disposable contact lens, it can actually be worn directly, even without cleaning. After all, physiological saline is not irritating. If we happen to have no care solution around, we can actually wear it directly. You only need to wash your hands and wear them directly, which can also be guaranteed. It can be cleaned properly because some friends have sensitive eyes. In such a case, you can also directly perform basic cleaning of contact lenses. It is recommended to carry some basic care solution with you, so that subsequent cleaning is also guaranteed. This simple cleaning can basically rinse off the normal saline, so you will not feel irritation or rejection when wearing it. It can be simply soaked. Many friends are just beginning to wear contact lenses, so we must pay special attention to proper soaking. Although the service life of daily disposable contact lenses is not very long, simple soaking can make contact lenses more comfortable. Daily disposable contact lenses can be worn within 24 hours after unpacking, so soaking for 2-4 hours is no problem and will not be affected. Sometimes when wearing contact lenses, there may be eyelashes on the surface, or some dust is accidentally stained, etc. At this time, you can directly use the contact lens solution to clean, and then wear it. There are many small bottles of care solution, so it is more convenient to carry around, and it can also avoid the discomfort of wearing contact lenses.
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