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Show on posters and 6 jins of heavy glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-10
Introduction: a 'list of Asia,' said the show '2010 Manhattan dance dancing days 3 d WORLD LIVE TOUR' will officially debut in Taipei city small dome in May. Show, said: 'I will also be a leading global, with advanced technology of' 3 d '' interpretation' ICONS of being wild 'and' rashomon 'this 2 album songs bring fans than movie' avatar 'cool face a shock! 'Said show, the show is in addition to the world's first don't need a red and blue glasses, can let the audience feel the 3 d visual effects for the concert, and in particular site will have a team of U. S. $30 million to build a giant 3 d LED screen, let the audience can directly experience' 3 d '. But because of the '3 d' 'special effects are very expensive, concert total costs have surged to nt $65 million; And even if Taipei concert tickets were all sold out, also want to loss of 35 million. But he to complete let fans feel '3 d' 'the effect of experience, not only his own first get nt $10 million investment; More grovelling to call in person, including 'Manhattan' eight big sponsors fundraising, vendors will also decided to vigorously support! In concert posters, show with stylist to the concept of 'decoration is a city boy' to the limit, two people together to take 12 hours to build a weighing 3 kilograms sunglasses, when he was photographed holding sunglasses wry smile said: 'I'm a masochistic, torture your artist! When you take a photo with this pair of glasses I must use hand to just go, because my nose should hand a loose the whole be overwhelmed! ”
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