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Show wear thick glasses play 'director' funny big chirp dance

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
China Taiwan pop singer, dancer, actor, host show is a 'universal artist', is nearly five hundred million worth last year topped the annual endorsements king throne, the New Year he has stepped up efforts to rob money. Recently, attend one endorsement activity, do not hesitate to dressed up as 'director', a shirt with suspenders, wears thick glasses, with fans present big jump dance 'chirp', he also personally feeding of teasing fans, provoked screaming constantly. In addition to speak to rob money, pig show also don't forget to run a sideline, create popular logo plus oneself is living, performance is rising in recent years, but that didn't make him satisfied. He revealed any dessert shop across the full open food and beverage, Chinese New Year is expected to begin to plan. Star blessing and popular logo assists, expected can lead to another wave of agitation.
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