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Side effects of laser myopia surgery_Industry Information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-30
Laser myopia surgery is now a very common myopia correction surgery. Laser myopia surgery mainly changes the surface of the cornea to achieve the purpose of correction. Although not all people are suitable for laser surgery, but suitable people will also worry about whether there are side effects. In fact, any kind of surgery has certain risks. Let's take a look at the side effects of laser myopia surgery. 1. Irregular astigmatism appears. Many myopia patients did not have astigmatism before, but they may appear after myopia surgery. 2. Dry eyes can cause eye discomfort when reading, reading, and writing. 3. Vision decreases, and some patients will have double vision, which affects safety. Some patients will experience instability of vision, decreased vision, and can't see things around them clearly and blurry things when the light is not very good. 4. Some patients with high myopia will not achieve the expected vision correction. 5. Over-correction or under-correction will cause unsatisfactory vision. 6. Corneal infection, because it is carried out on the surface of the cornea, infection, diffuse interlaminar keratitis may occur. 7. Corneal flap shedding, corneal flap off-center, corneal flap folds, corneal interlaminar debris or blood residue, peripheral corneal degeneration, corneal center pigmentation, etc. corneal abnormalities. 8. Visual rebound after surgery also exists. 9. Glare and dazzle appear after surgery, which are more likely to appear in patients with high myopia. 10. Even after the operation, the visual acuity has not been improved, nor the visual acuity that can be achieved with glasses.
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