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Simple sunglasses color makeup

by:Eugenia     2020-09-04
When we use sunglasses to cover half face, look how to arrange better? Actually you don't need make-up, as long as the foundation of bottom makeup, to highlight the eyebrows or lip shape! Let's look at how the below sunglasses makeup! Sunglasses polarized sunglasses factory myopia 9105 c1 deduction for you sexy prior to 1, the makeup makeup look well water oil balance of skin, apply a mask and then not easily makeup makeup last longer on oh! 2, with good sunscreen, lay the bottom makeup, with BB frost or air cushion CC cream let you face all the drawbacks of contact; 3, if is the lens of the eyebrows, the clear eyebrows painted in style, it looks more spirit, chiseled. Lou's lens has taken the eyebrows eyebrow is very domineering, simply work under lip slightly OK1! With a big red lips sexy charm, or with a meat pink shows neutral nature side is able to bear or endure look. If the lens cover the eyebrow eye, want to lazy oh sister can save an eyebrow eye makeup. At this moment by highlighting the lips color have to do is to lift the spirit. 4, good eyebrow shape and lips after modification can dot cheek is red the face after, at the bridge of the nose dozen let light pink nose look more pretty, whole person looks better, also add some timid ornament, beautiful oh ~ put on sunglasses, half a face was covered in. Too thick makeup or attention to trivial makeup look appears well alone at this moment is not as good as a little bit more simple makeup, simple and beautiful, so why not?
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