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Simple sunglasses to dress up an amazing summer

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
A pair of cool sunglasses fashionable clothes on collocation, wear out their own unique style, is a good way to show your charm, highlighting the golden ratio figure, show you tall perfect figure curve, sex appeal! Look at the following simple sunglasses to dress up is how to attract eyeball amazing summer! 1 basic white short-sleeved t-shirts, sunglasses, casual wear dark hole in tight jeans and a pair of dark brown square sunglasses, stamped on the color of camel's hair short heel boots, black chain bag up on the shoulders, very classic casual collocation. Square sunglasses more ancient classic, very suitable for this leisure classical collocation. 2, sunglasses and elegant outfit wears a pair of classic frog mirror, wearing white conjoined trouser suit, equipped with nude handbags, stamped on the nude heels, elegant poise. Frog mirror joker, suitable for all kinds of collocation, and elegant at the same time. 3, sunglasses fashion to a big red knee-length dress collocation a light brown handbag, stamped on the nude flat sandals, simple and generous fashion sense as if lit up early summer streets. A pair of ellipse big sunglasses with the easy a bonus outfit. 4, Du Chen - sunglasses swagger Kloes arrived in cannes with her husband, a pair of reflective frog mirror is very grab an eye, dressed in a black v-neck sleeveless shirt and white nine minutes of pants, stamped on the black high-heeled shoes, hand carry pink hollow-out handbags, coming, hair by the wind, appearing in the fashion forward and unruly, the aura is absolutely enough enough! Choose a favorite summer fashion sunglasses, not only can this sunscreen for you, for your overall modelling can also make the finishing point, enhance your aura, let you become the focus of attention, an amazing summer. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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