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Sing a song couples put Han Guochao brand sunglasses show conjugal love

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Recently, sing a song li couples often basked in weibo according to show love for one another. On July 2, sing a song tweeting: 'vote: in favor of my wife and I show conjugal love every day, please raise your hand. Good, two votes. ( Hand short also calculate a ticket, I know you want to say I only although it! ) Does anyone against? 'This microblogging has fever, more than eight thousand comments. Netizens comments said: 'your height difference is show', 'father of the little blue you don't to abuse of single dog', 'your daughter-in-law is gorgeous, taller than you so much'. Two people are like in the pictures in the travel, dressed in casual clothes, wearing color reflective sunglasses, although there are differences in height, but the picture is very harmonious, seemed full of love there is love of lovers. Two men dressed in casual clothes, wear a reflective sunglasses, leisure fashion then on July 5, li and print tweeting: 'there are four days sermon will continue to refuel. Li in the photo in color matching skirt, all show temperament, and sing a song in small suit, wearing blue sunglasses, buckle and striate shirt match the striate hat has a chapter. Sing a song in a small suit, wearing blue sunglasses, city boy van full on July 9 li and update weibo two people together, over 10 games in a row share a sermon journey of music. Photos of li hand in blue on the shoulder, sing a song, hug his wife's waist, and very loving. Both were dressed in casual clothes, wearing a few days ago is worn the red and blue sunglasses, good tidal rocks a immediately. Two leisure sunglasses with affection, sing a song in the 'run brothers' in the second quarter after a period from July 3, packaged. Show a MSC will accompany a wife, beautiful good man. Along with couples, one of the very high sunglasses South Korea sunglasses brand Glasses COVE. In South Korea was deeply loved by artists, now more and more Chinese star also fell in love with the brand. Sing a song li couple is wearing out of the feeling of super CP sunglasses! Although sprout height difference couple abuse enough many single dog, but netizens have send blessings, ZhuFuZu blue kylie couple conjugal love for a long time. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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