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Ski mirror how to choose

by:Eugenia     2020-07-24
What is essential to the winter skiing? Yes, ski mirror, it can block wind, protect eyes and face will not injured by outside force impact, at the same time can effectively resist ultraviolet light and reflected glare, lest cause snow blindness, moreover also can improve the contrast of trail and scenery, improve visual resolution. So, what should a good ski glasses pick? What is the difference between different colors of ski goggles and? Recommended reading: qualified ski glasses to have 7 condition 1, skiing up mist sex when the lens of fog is a very dangerous thing, here recommend choose cellulose acetate plate for endoscopic ski glasses. This plate can be permanently prevent mist, and the strong water imbibition, after dealing with the anti-fog liquid can be in the water temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, 6 cm in diameter, sink doesn't fog air flow in 20 seconds. 2, see the shape of the lens ski mirror lenses are divided into cylindrical lens and spherical mirror two kinds. Cylindrical lens does not have radian in the vertical direction, looks like the surface of the interception of common column, snow goggles, usually at the bottom end of the material, can cause more reflective, let vision more small, even produce deformation; And spherical mirror because somehow both directions are curvature, can increase the field of vision, look at the broader, and more security, at the same time have a curvature of the plane can also reduce glare, impact resistance and resistance to deformation ability than the cylindrical lens. 3, look at the color of the lens ski mirror lenses of different color represents different weather. Black snow goggles, more suitable for sunny weather, because they can effectively block light through; Red/orange department ski goggles are all-weather snow glasses, can not only weaken the intensity of sunlight in sunny day, still can ensure when slide on the cloudy day, night vision clear; Pink ski mirror mirror also boasts all-weather snow, but in fact, when the sun is shining a little the feeling of dazzling, more suitable for cloudy day and night; Transparent/yellow because yellow is the contrast is stronger, so you can clearly see the snow surface concave and convex, more than the pink to adapt to the bad weather and night skiing; Silver is snow mirror than red orange and pink, see more clearly when in sunny day; Blue/green is also belong to the all-weather snow goggles, than the high contrast of yellow, can clearly distinguish the snow surface concave and convex condition, but in the evening and night than red orange department vision clear. In addition to color, and the light mirror coating and color change of snow. The former can prevent glare of light, make the light becomes downy, reflected light, applies to strong sunshine sunshine, also applies to the weather of the cloudy day or dark; The latter based on prevent dazzle light, can according to the uv color, automatically adjust the mirrors, sunny days when the mirror is dark, cloudy day or dark, specular light. 4, see picture frame are the framework of ski goggles with lenses have the effect of protection and beautiful, and the design of the ventilation hole, usually here to choose picture frame's recipe: first, the frames should be very soft; Second, the design of the vent can't slants big, or it will lead to eyes; Third, pay attention to the width, elastic, length, hooks, texture and color mirror whole collocation with snow. Ski mirror how to choose the importance of self-evident for skiing, and choose a pair of good, the right of lens can provide certain security guarantee for our skiing.
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