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Small bone li-ying zhao sunglasses according to show good figure at the airport

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Because the newfound popularity could be li-ying zhao spent thousands of bone, in recent days. Airport is star always show, sunglasses are often used to cover the face or concave shape. Ossicle li-ying zhao is not exceptional also, but a flat of her in the street snap always appears particularly tide and very good shape, the other is all very envy envy hate ah. Small make up take you to see it li-ying zhao daily wear take careful machine ~ 1 all artifacts: face an era of sunglasses in the awl, small bone li-ying zhao small round face can actually make the audience feel shine at the moment. Pure and fresh and delicate small bone ferial dress up very simple random, but a big oh, all in the random and small bone often borrow the joker artifact sunglasses concave shape. Optional collocation let a person look fashionable tide, star fan, the most reason is the sunglasses big points oh 2014 new sunglasses factory YC9801C1 black female fashion retro big box polarized sunglasses all artifacts no. 2: jacket, skirt and a blouse is nearly special water mark of a Korean girl wear build, can wear a graceful girl. And the amazing short coat, hem, waist is where on the vision. Small bone so wear a waist line were raised a few centimeters, nature has long legs. All artifacts: no. 3 platform shoes ossicle coming a simple black and white ash, wearing a round hat, eye glasses, silver foot platform shoes, also with the rivet on the small backpack. Metal elements to look 170 + cm bone behind the screen and lovely image, also become cool. In order to beautiful leg, hot pants is not enough! In order to get the vision of big long legs inside small bone in the wedge shoes, now look full screen is legs, so I want to have to beauty will work under the well. Not everyone has a devil figure, but is not only a good figure can wear out star van. Want to deduce trend in dress style, must learn how to dress collocation, and don't forget how to reasonable use accessories, hat, sunglasses, bags are sunken modelling of artifact, absolutely let you have unexpected results.
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