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Small rivets light color 'eyes'

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
'Dear translator' is still in hit, the ratings are high, small make up also make track for a member of the drama? Messrs. cioffi and Cheng Jiayang finally together, although there is a brother in side of disturbance, and mother Cheng Jiayang on adult's misunderstanding, but savvy audience already see through everything, is it not the thousands of dollars was swallowed by the Campbell's uncle, but there is no misunderstanding and how to play, all are TV sets, well, we know, high level can play very good appearance next meal is enough. When it comes to plot progress, Cheng Jiayang is foreign to the Swiss, when it comes to Switzerland, small make up again at the beginning of the thought of Messrs. cioffi and Cheng Jiayang first met in Zurich, at that time, the exchange student, Messrs. cioffi or Zurich that students actually look small make up memories. Friends do you remember? A top hat, a pair of black glasses, no problem students modelling, and now the workplace modelling far, stylist did shape is very successful. Small make up think this pair of glasses is best line, two tiny rivet decoration is up to the effect of light color 'eyes'. Moment a bonus to Messrs. cioffi all lively and clever young a lot? To recommend a few beautiful beautiful rivet glasses: ports POM13205 BK black plate wave big yards neutral myopia frame sagawa fujii c3016 tide style sheet full box code 73028 men and women general black glasses myopia framework bamboo wood wild sichuan Z1618 unisex eyeglass frame C1 black gold
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