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Small vest + sunglasses trend in summer is tie-in

by:Eugenia     2020-08-11
Vest with sunglasses, also can rock, can be pure, can bring some elegant. Let us from European and American stars dress, look at the collocation of the vest and sunglasses great wisdom! Cameron Diaz, light shopping, sunglasses also became Cameron Diaz, summer will not can dress up act the role ofing is tasted, the collocation of concise and easy, which outline the curve of her incisively and vividly, stacking fold boots make whole distinct, make elegant pace especially vivid. Black sunglasses with black and white stripe vest with 5 minutes of pants, Lindsay make rock flavor street is dressed up militantly proclaim, surely win the streets of absolute attention of people. Golden hair, the sunglasses with dye-in-the-wood individual character, aureate bag, green touch thoracic skirt, Paris Hilton deductive enough wonderful. Color fresh vests enough, punch a hair band and flat shoes to assist echo, golden handbags make systemic shiny ladies on the streets of envy. The combination of silver and white, black and red sunglasses will give with Victoria type noble color adds a lot of energy. Make this outfit gives dual firepower of nobility and hot. Nadine Coyle seemingly ordinary black and white and grey color, but let the movement breath and elegant taste acquisitions and the emergence of sunglasses more let all this sport more western style. One shoulder T-shirt, leisure bags, deserve to go up again big frame glasses, all show Singer Kylie decadent street breath. Nicole Richie this outfit, sunglass is undoubtedly one bit more beautiful, also let whole dress up appear light and agile contracted and not simple.
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