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Smile sunglasses appearance between father 'dad came in from the MSC conference

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
Recently, in the second quarter 'dad came in deqing, zhejiang province held the conference before the games, five groups of family gathering. Red carpet sweet xin 'man' and the father smile wearing sunglasses is cool, sweet, the signature of the posture is dye-in-the-wood. Conference site, the smile is a wear than the baby's father, black, white and broken flower small suit, a pair of box anti-dazzle everbright sunglasses, very trend. 'I wear take a, sweet, is particularly abandon me. 'Sure enough, on the day of the sweet xin' cold 'in particular, demand for is dad put forward almost' will should not have '. Just like on the show, the smile was simply become sweet jasmine poking fun at the first object, 'anyway, she is all abandon me, once someone nearby, just ignored me. 'Two cute sunglasses cool like pretty rob mirror talked to sweet jasmine women man character, the smile, said by him is actually take partial, not when, with his still very fair lady,' I do think girls can't be too temperamental, have to have a boy character, not very temperamental. Later go abroad to go to school, also can make a lot of good elder brothers, you can eat. 'Speak of the reason, he revealed that his first love is such a man,' when I was in kindergarten had a crush on a girl, unrequited love for six years, I like her because she like a tomboy, can play with the boy to go to, I think this girl is very attractive. 'And, according to each filed this chi, li xiaolu is severely pinch yourself. Contact first love is there but when pressed, he quickly realized that 'put', 'well done, been taken out of context, early didn't contact! Really! 'As to have a plan to have two children, jerry call:' sweet jasmine is a limited edition, another is a limited edition, if the second also like sweet xin has been despised me, that I don't live to live, left a dirty look every day, right a dirty look. 'Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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