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Some common sense of sunglasses maintenance_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-18
Sunglasses can not only block ultraviolet rays, but also reflect various harmful rays to protect the health of eyes and vision. However, no matter how expensive sunglasses are, if they are not properly maintained, the lenses may be damaged, so that some original functions cannot be properly reflected. So today, Xiaobian will introduce you to some ways to maintain your sunglasses. The maintenance of sunglasses is the same as that of ordinary frame glasses, mainly to maintain the lenses without stains, fingerprints, grease, scratches, cracks, etc. There are also sunglasses lenses that should always be cleaned with a special detergent, or rinsed with water, but it is better to dry them with a special glasses cloth or dry them to avoid leaving traces on the lenses. Some common sense of sunglasses maintenance 1. When taking out and wearing glasses, grab the temples with both hands, and then slowly take them off or put them on. If you use one hand, it is easy to cause the temples to be deformed or loose. 2. Rinse with water, clean with detergent or neutral soap, and clean with water and dry naturally, or gently wipe off the water with a soft paper towel or glasses cloth. When wiping the water, try not to rub the glasses directly. Do not scratch with sharp objects. 3. After using the glasses every day, please wipe off the grease and sweat acid on the nose pads and frames in time, which can prolong the service life of the glasses. At the same time, please keep the convex side of the lens facing up when not in use, and wrap it with a glasses cloth or store it in a glasses case. 4. It is forbidden to soak in water for a long time, or place it in a fixed place to be exposed to the sun; it is forbidden to place it on a current or metal edge for a long time to prevent the lens function from being damaged due to static electricity. 5. If the sunglasses are photochromic lenses, do not leave them in direct sunlight for a long time, otherwise the use time of the color changing effect will be shortened. 6. If the spectacle frame is bent or sagged, remember to deal with it in time, otherwise it will affect the clarity of the lens during the wearing process. Sunglasses maintenance is a matter after purchasing sunglasses, but when buying sunglasses, it is better to go to a more formal sunglasses store or a chain store of glasses, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses store, Baosheng sunglasses store, optical store, etc. Avoid buying inferior products that can damage your eyes.
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