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Some knowledge you must have to wear contact lenses_contact lenses_

by:Eugenia     2022-01-27
As a new high-tech product of mankind, contact lenses are loved and supported by the majority of users. Because contact lenses are worn on the cornea of u200bu200bthe eyeball, they are also called contact lenses. According to the hardness of the material, it can be divided into three types: soft contact lenses, semi-rigid contact lenses, and hard contact lenses. In addition to providing a wide field of vision and lifelike vision, contact lenses can also have a great effect in correcting the development of young people's nearsightedness, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Let's take a look at some of the necessary knowledge to wear contact lenses. <1>. How often do you wear contact lenses? According to different cycles, contact lenses can be divided into annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily disposable contact lenses. Because of the obvious differences in the manufacturing characteristics of the lenses, the wearing time is different. For example, the annual disposable type can be worn for about 10 months, and the daily disposable type can be changed once a day. <2>. Is it okay to wear contact lenses to sleep? Because contact lenses are in direct contact with the cornea of u200bu200bthe eye, so after wearing them for a long time, the eyes will not be able to absorb the oxygen in the air, which will cause hypoxia and affect vision healthy. <3>. Will makeup affect wearing contact lenses? Make-up will not affect wearing contact lenses, but you should put your glasses on before putting on makeup, or take them off when you are preparing to remove makeup. This is to protect the hygiene of the lens, so as not to affect the health of the eyes. <4>. Can I use contact lenses to surf the Internet? Because computers have more radiation than other electronic products, so wearing contact lenses to surf the Internet will cause dry eyes and loss of moisture in the lenses, which will affect the comfort of wearing. And it is easy to cause cataracts. Therefore, you cannot wear contact lenses to surf the Internet. <5>. Colds and fevers. What happens when you wear contact lenses? Colds and fevers. Wearing contact lenses will reduce the secretion of tears in the eyes, which will cause the lenses to lack moisture or even become dry. Sometimes it can cause swelling of the cornea and affect the health of vision. <6>. Why is the degree of contact lens different from that of frame glasses? Because the distance of frame glasses from the eyes is almost 15 mm, while contact lenses are directly in contact with the cornea of u200bu200bthe eyeball, there is no distance. Therefore, when the same person wears contact lenses and frame glasses, the degree of the frame glasses is often higher. <7>. Whether the contact lens lens is thin or thick depends on personal circumstances. If it is the first time to wear contact lenses, it is better to choose thicker ones, because thinner lenses are not easy to take. Wear it, and it is also easy to cause damage to the lens. <8>. Is it a quality problem that contact lenses are broken? Although ordinary contact lenses are not as strong as frame glasses, they will not break on their own if they are worn as required. Unless it is in the process of wearing or nursing, it will be damaged by accidentally being scratched by something. Therefore, in most cases, it is caused by external interference, not a quality problem.
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