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Some special features of sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
Sunglasses according to the function can be divided into several kinds, such as common a polarizer sunglasses, BianSeJing, mirror surface, etc. , these sunglasses and what's the difference between the ordinary sunglasses? What special features? Polarizer polarizer can reduce glare, used in the level of roads, water, ice and snow. When driving, skiing, water skiing, riding a bicycle can wear. Cataract surgery patients and sensitivity to the elderly, these people choose the polarized sunglasses can also improve visual comfort. Another drive wear polarizer will be more broad vision, but may be can't see the car LED display, such as GPS and mobile phone screen digital display screen. Recommendation: yellow, brown, green, can filter blue light. Polarized sunglasses can not be used in flight. In some sports, such as playing golf, polarized sunglasses may cause part of visual information loss, impact performance. Sunglasses factory, 6069 men and women general sunglasses C4 blue box gun leg/dazzle colour blue BianSeJing color glasses are often sensitive to uv light, lens color, light intensity change and darker or lighter. For itself in terms of people with a pair of glasses, BianSeJing appears more convenient, indoor and outdoor use, more comfortable. But in the transformation environment, it does not immediately change color, cold color changing reaction occur more slowly, also interferes with windscreen glasses color. BianSeJing cannot entirely replace sunglasses, it can appear in bright light environments such as sand, snow is not dark, unable to bring enough visual comfort. Recommended reading: summer should choose what color of color lens? Sunglasses mirror reflective mirror surface coating color variety, this is determined by the thickness of the coating and the structure, and the wearer I can see the lens color is usually brown or gray. Reflective coating can be reduced by 10% ~ 60% through the lens of the light, so very suitable for desert, snow, such as high altitude environment of the light is very strong, very popular in the extreme sports. Recommended reading: colour is called mirror sunglasses popular unbeaten additional tips for sports wear sunglasses need special design, they have a non-slip nose, can be more firmly, and surround type frame, the side of the reflected light is blocked. The color of infants and young children sunglasses can choose brown or gray. Gray lenses provide a more natural visual quality, and the brown lenses can help filter against eye health shorter-wavelength blue light. Above is the simple introduction, some special function sunglasses hope dear friends can choose according to actual situation.
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