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Song seung heon new Calvin Klein platinum series modelling large exposure

by:Eugenia     2020-09-05
South Korea, on June 10, 2015 - the famous fashion apparel brand Calvin Klein platinum announced the stylish men SSH cooperation with South Korea, for fashion magazine GQ June, South Korea version of project. From tender meat 'blue love' to 'east of Eden' enthusiasm is bold and unrestrained, and then to 'human poisoning' heroic composed, SSH has been the male god reputat bear no picky, recently, he appeared in the Korean version of GQ magazine, more use of Calvin klein sunglasses, the natural and unrestrained handsome male god show to high standards, millions of girls estimate is salivating! SSH to shoot in spring/summer 2015 Calvin Klein platinum clothing, and put on the exquisite Calvin Klein platinum sunglasses. Contracted style of Calvin Klein platinum glasses not only reveal personal taste of SSH, at the same time to carry out brand source some creative ideas. Real man god never less the collocation of leisure suits, broad shoulders is dare to bear any pressure male god must be refined made, CK3162SK, classic black, frame atmospheric halma, match in the suit, dignified atmosphere with male god! Choose CK3162SK alternating black and white, is a delicate man, CK1210SK silky short sleeve with collocation, fluffy hair fresh and inviting, although looks be like simple, man of god every detail is great about careful man! CK1210SK like spy equipment CK1205SK, let cool male god, like bond climbing, omnipotent. CK1205SK lens barrel design line is fluent, and highlight the beauty of the male god contour was impeccable. The frontal line, sideburns cut fine, male god's side is impeccable! CK4237SKCK4264SK brow of momentum is not lack of beauty, god male CK1206SK harness male god towering above the bridge of the nose, elegant black floating in the brow pride, mysterious irresistible charm! CK1206SK pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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