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Song Yunhua leopard glasses back to girlhood

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
Speaking of Song Yunhua you should be very strange, but when it comes to true Lin, are you sure you are familiar with! Song Yunhua stamp last year most of the Chinese the punchline and tears in the movie 'my girlhood' as she really Lin, inflexible 'four-eyes' girls wear fashionable leopard glasses today, put on warm high-end grey system collocation, deduce the powerful current career women! The Lin sincerely with rigid metal round glasses 80 s interpretation of the spirit of honest and shy; Song Yunhua in life with the leopard glasses making handsome fashion elite, both urban women style, and there was a girl in the age of youth, give a person a kind of not feel like ~ a leopard glasses to Song Yunhua fill in a Japanese wind restoring ancient ways, both fashionable and sexy handsome! In addition, Song Yunhua with high-end intellectuals love suit jacket and wide-legged pants, lively and bright adolescence with composed of the base. Leopard glasses recommended: CK 5884 unisex eyeglass frame 214 tortoise ray-ban 70465365 hawksbill tide TR90 frame
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