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Sora aoi deductive sunglasses feelings in Hawaii

by:Eugenia     2020-07-26
I'm afraid it no one know no one knows all about sora aoi, the controversial jing younger sister son nearly out of a set of photos in Hawaii. In the photo she is dressed in a bikini, wearing a white frame sunglasses, with a few beam braids youth is very sexy. Summer is coming, go out to play for vice sunglasses not only can prevent bask in, can also reveal your fashion feelings. But now a variety of brands and models of sunglasses, how should choose? Choose sunglasses not only including the design of frame, the lens material and color, but also the intrinsic quality of evaluation. In theory, the ideal sunglasses should be: can block 100% of the ultraviolet ray, cover light, in spite of the color difference and less as far as possible, of course good style vogue exquisite, lens of hard durable, glasses of light and hard wearing comfortable, good price is cheap, ha ~ I just go with the goal to find. Sunglasses factory ms YC9702 sunglasses C6 blue green box pink legs/lens dark brown, when selected, observe the surface of the sunglasses, good lens surface should be clean, no bubbles and corrugated, then pick the sunglasses on the lamp, lamp on the surface of the lens, reflective should be uniform, smooth, if the image distortion, lens flatness and smoothness is not enough, then put the glasses at present about 375 px - 500 px distance, look through the lens cracks or floor juncture or other linear objects, mobile glasses, let your eyes observe a straight line from the lenses of different position for bending or swimming. If there are any irregularities, prompt the lens may have residual degree, this lens Dai Jiu easy dizziness, give up to buy! In addition to see color choices. Color too shallow sunglasses filter function is poor, too deep and worry that affect vision, when you don't know how to choose the sunglasses look in the mirror, I can see the pupil color depth is moderate, use a dark brown and grey shades.
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