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Sorry put BOLON sunglasses successfully get rid of the steamed stuffed bun face

by:Eugenia     2020-08-01
Sorry I left the deepest impression has two, one is the pure sweet, especially charming smile dimple Shen Jiayi; There is also a person 'steamed stuffed bun face' little dragon female. Since the hang 'steamed stuffed bun face', sorry seems to be no escape, Shen Jiayi clean-cut image was drifting away. Small make up today to see michelle Chen sunglasses at fashion week, a group of photos, domineering sliding sideways! The steamed stuffed bun face was gone! Have love sorry high-profile bump color, wear very handsome and dye-in-the-wood, changes the usual sweet demeanor. To look a face, above the red lip with BOLON BL6001 to modern cat mirror nods eyeball. BL6001 from 1950 s' Fantasy series, classic cat's eye sunglasses by redesign, not too grandiose and fashionable, joker brown tint with refined gold metal picture frame, highlight delicate texture fashionable, make bright eyes look unripe brightness. Sorry since and Mr. Chen in hand, not only attention greatly improved, even fashion fan is becoming more and more. If you want to get rid of big chubby face and choose new sunglasses! Ray-ban RB2140 - F unisex sunglass 902 blackish green tortoise shell box ray-ban RB3016 1145/19 men sunglasses about BOLON as China's leading fashion favorite, BOLON glasses, belonging to xiamen, the auspicious light, and joined in 2013 in accordance with the road group. In keeping with their own unique light luxury temperament, the BOLON glasses always adhere to high quality design, delicate texture and fine combination of the three major advantages, constantly create a fashion and personality charm to help. In 2015, the essence of 'modern elegant' BOLON brand, create a new aesthetic of glasses. Designed to create the fashion, the light of the definition of luxury life BOLON glasses, hand in hand with the world's leading technology process of optical glasses company in accordance with the road together, committed to improve the design, manufacture high quality lenses, at the same time, using their own contributions to a wide range of markets in order to protect people vision. BOLON glasses, is not only the necessaries of life, but also a quality life.
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