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South Korea fashion sunglasses brand is recommended

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Although china-rok relations nervous recently, but the tide of Korean culture is increasingly popular in China. Especially in recent years, domestic fashion item sunglasses brand publicity, some local brand sunglasses are getting more popular in the world. So, what South Korea fashion sunglasses brand? Below small make up recommend a few will carefully for you! 1. GentleMonster GentleMonster sunglasses brand is a high-end test 'innovation' for the purpose, set product, space, style, culture, science and technology the five areas, to the surprise and vibrant south Korean brand high-end fashion glasses. Always adhere to the unique and reasonable design, special exhibition space, more product window of the theme, make GENTLE MONSTER and other glasses brand compared more distinctive. Recommended reading: star favorite GentleMonster sunglasses series 2. GlassesCOVE sunglasses brand GLASSES COVE is a south Korean fashion sunglasses brands, Chinese name: glass coach. In 2011, was born in New York, USA. GLASSES COVE bold design style, the use of bright colors, collocation infuse halfback element, part of the picture frame can match the CLIP. Brand pay more attention to fashion design, make light of the world's most the most comfortable sunglasses. Is the preferred south Korean entertainers sunglasses, South Korea's search engine Naver fashion products search first. 3. Paul Hueman sunglasses brand Paul Hueman is South Korea glasses ─ Bando group's mirror, godfather by Han Guochao Andre Gold negative responsible supervisor. Brand concept is intended to make a jump the design of framework, freedom, and not conservative, but recently a new Paul Hueman new glasses designed to reflect the young uninhibited, really I heartily ecru free spirit, full of the feeling of simplicity and can design, repair the stick is also suitable for Asian face, the framework of the following is more Korean stars hipster glasses series demonstration. 4. ALO sunglasses brand ALO this a fashion glasses for domestic brand, not only the price of civilians, Korea design also has always been implementation of the day. Designers for south koreans, style is given priority to with retro big box, color is to follow the koreans specificity of taste, give priority to with brunet department, clingy trend. Set up more branches in South Korea, with glasses for services, including the lens is about RMB 300 - for the price 1000 yuan, by many young people, especially students. Recommended reading: 2017 worth of choose and buy 5 fashionable sunglasses brand
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