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South Korea's more handsome and teach you how to wear glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
Korea but long enough, the wind was blowing time efforts but fierce enough, as if the collocation of Korean stars are very attractive, hugely popular Korean at ordinary times what to wear a build, Obama everyone to imitate it. The Obama wear glasses of appearance also very handsome, so a broadcast of south Korean television dramas have fans to learn, let Korea Obama today teach you how to wear glasses more handsome! Kim soo-hyun this is Kim soo-hyun worn in 'you' from the stars play a half plate and metal glasses, although it is old figure, but not reduce the charm of the glasses. This glasses glasses belong to the brow line, but the first half of the glasses a bit coarse, the chic glasses form unique and smooth and easy. Wireframe eyebrow shape accord with human body engineering, effectively reduce the glass frame to face pressure, more comfort, and eyebrow wireframe design beautiful and delicate, bring you a cool visual experience. Ray ban 51542000 - Black box - 51 Mirror width 51 tide model of plate frame zo in-sung this glasses picture from 'it doesn't matter, it is love ah, every time zo in-sung starred in TV series with fashion style, full of capable gentleman rocks. Each series main demonstration concise sheet is tasted, perhaps with a tall figure, so every time the modelling of classic charm can highlight. In the play, zo in-sung in order to better the role of the writer, of metal round glasses make the capable. Wishes to become a man of sensibility, and the model of zo in-sung metal round glasses would be a good choice. Sagawa fujii, 62038 men and women general glass frame C3 black chan yeol, the first two are South Korea, Obama with a pair of glasses in the play after the introduction of small make up like star chan yeol, ha ha ~ the board that he normally like achievements frame glasses, if say lazy artifact is sunglasses, sheet full frame glasses is unconvinced, a large glass frame can cover many parts on the face, the face would not seem so meat meat! Reeves LS06184C01 leisure plate full frame big yards unisex black myopia glasses pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact
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