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Spectacle frame carved convex glass leg beauty of the details

by:Eugenia     2020-07-29
We usually when choosing frames mainly is to look at the front part of the glass frame design, generally speaking, the attention to its leg may be relatively little, and now on the market of glasses main or contracted style, the design of its leg not particularly prominent, but if the spectacle frame mirror legs in design of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, such beauty is a universal language! Ms sunglasses factory FB60016 glass frame C105 wine red and exquisite carve patterns or designs on woodwork mirror legs, like the deep women don't go out for a long time the son of worry, wen wan and exquisite, fusion of popular element half glasses, present the beauty of another kind of temperament, get wrapped around the tender feelings of mysterious violet picture frame set off more incisively and vividly. Sunglasses factory JA034BC3 on purple under gun alloy glasses carve patterns or designs on woodwork lattice style of design, and square glass frame photograph echo, boxy designed to give people a feeling of serious, meticulous, and glasses color is the young girl, show the female's gentle wear it again. In its leg and frame on the cohesion of the use of advanced welding technology, is not easy to damage, do not affect beautiful. C9 frameless sunglasses factory titanium FB60066 red code ms myopia glasses frame the frames of its leg is simple hollow out design, unique design, concave and convex have send, embodies the administrative levels feeling, have artistic quality; The pair of glasses with material very little, frameless design and mirror legs hollow out design makes the spectacle frame lighter, more concise, more comfortable.
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