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Sports glasses brand PUMA

by:Eugenia     2020-08-22
Sports glasses brand oh they tend to think of America, such as Nike, the wild, but in addition to these brand, PUMA sports glasses is also a good choice, so sports glasses brand PUMA? PUMA is come from Germany famous sports brand, PUMA in 1948 by Rudolf das ( Rudolf Dassler) Founded in the Netherlands sorkin milan, before the PUMA established Herzogenaurach ( Dutch sorkin lawler city) Or an unknown town, main economic or traditional garment industry, today, however, because the world famous sporting goods - - - PUMA PUMA company headquarters, and be in the limelight. PUMA PUMA, in Chinese means a PUMA, is a production of shoes and clothes in Germany consisting mainly of large multinational companies. As a 68 - year - old sportswear brand, PUMA in the world with the first line of power and influence. 1. In 1975, PUMA began producing glasses and sunglasses. PUMA lenses are mainly composed of resin lens with PC lens, PUMA PC lens compared with ordinary lens materials, has a strong toughness and impact resistance, can maximum limit impact resistance force, to avoid the lens rupture during exercise cause damage to the eyes. PUMA frame of adhering to the principle of ergonomics, combined with the characteristics of Asian people face design, delicate and elegant style, contracted and easy, very suitable for driving, fishing, mountain climbing and other outdoor sports wear. 2. PUMA every glasses manufacturing through multiple processes, before delivery of quality inspection is very strict, ensure the quality of products. In 1997, the PUMA ( Puma) More won the Hong Kong industrial association issued by the Hong Kong & quot; Q label & quot; High quality product certificate ( License plate number: T098 - DG) Enough to prove that PUMA is a good product quality. Weld a lifetime warranty, Human factors causing except) , plating for a year, Meet the international standard) , spring parts for one year ( Meet the international standard) 。 3 glasses sunglasses factory brand. Puma Puma sunglasses mainly adopts resin lenses, polarizing film add hard processing through many layers, making the lens protective UVA, UVB and UVC invasion in 100% of the eye at the same time, effectively blocking glare, blu-ray scattering light enter the eye through the cornea, such as all-round care for you in the eye health. Frame adopts ultralight TR90 material toughness, can be arbitrary Angle bending, don't worry about face frame fracture damage in the process of movement, wearing comfortable and safe. Using advanced technology to build the silica gel nasal, reduce the burden of the bridge of the nose and extrusion, wearing more comfortable. Recommended reading: sports glasses brand, let you chang endless
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